Travel Maps


The red markers show where we have already traveled.  The yellow cars give a very basic idea of where and when our future travels will take us.  If you see that we’ll be coming your way, give us a shout out!

(Click on a marker to see when we plan to be in any particular spot.)


When we were in Boston, I put together a Google map (below) to help as I planned field trips.  It worked so well, I’ve now made one for the whole U.S.  It’s constantly changing, as I add new possibilities of places to visit and mark the places that we have visited.  If there’s something that you think should be on here that isn’t, let me know!

My key:

Green tree: National Park Service site (most are part of the Junior Ranger program)

Green mountain: State park  (I didn’t start this until we got out west and discovered the awesomeness of state parks!)

Red or green marker: miscellaneous spots that might be worth visiting.  I find a lot of them here:  Green indicates that we don’t have to pay, either because it’s free or because it’s part of a reciprocal museum program.  Red means there’s either a cost or I don’t know.

Yellow star:  site we have visited

Square: As I’m planning a particular city and am trying to narrow down where to go on this particular trip, I change the marker to a square if it doesn’t make the cut.  That doesn’t mean it’s not worth going to – we just can’t visit every great place in any one trip!


This is the map I put together for myself to keep track of possibilities around Boston.  It’s a bit of a jumbled mess, as I made it just for myself, but I thought I’d share it in case it’s helpful to anyone else.

The red and green markers just designate possible sites to visit.  Green indicates that it’s free, although sometimes that is through a reciprocal membership that I have.  I turned it into a square if I decided I probably wasn’t going to go to that spot.  A blue flag indicates a site that is included in the Go Boston card – where you pay one price up front and then have access to 40 different attractions.  I changed markers to yellow stars as we visited places.

In the notes, I wrote down things like how far it was from our condo, how much it cost, the hours, if it was part of a reciprocal membership, etc.  Definitely don’t consider any of that final information, because cost and hours frequently are different depending on the season.

We did so much while we were in Boston, but as you can see from this map, there is way more than three-weeks of things to see and do around there!!

IMG_20160710_105617876.jpg  IMG_20161023_132830245.jpg





VA visitor center, on a VA-shaped rock

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