Review of Destiny Dallas RV Resort

by Mr. Bang I love Destiny Dallas RV Resort!  There's a really neat playset.  There's a thing hanging down that I have fun swinging on.  There's a slide that's pretty fast and almost straight down.  There's a tire swing that looks like it's made out of rubber, but it's plastic. There's a really cool rec … Continue reading Review of Destiny Dallas RV Resort

Review of Lake Tawakoni RV Park

by Mr. Bang Lake Tawakoni is a really cool RV park. There are two playsets and three swing areas. They're all at the Family Center, which is in fact where I'm writing this blog post. And there are also two see-saws, a basketball court, and mini-golf. You can get the clubs in the office if … Continue reading Review of Lake Tawakoni RV Park

RV Tour

by Mr. Bang We got a new RV!  It's an Avalanche fifth wheel. It's pretty cool!   There's a slide on both walls in the bunk room.  Our walls move back, that's called a slide.  We're going to get curtains for our bunk beds.  I don't know what kind, we are going to get curtains. … Continue reading RV Tour