Review of Badlands National Park

by Mr. Bang We went to Badlands National Park.  It should be called Goodlands, though.  It's AWESOME!!! We went to an area that could fit RVs.  We went on Fossil Exhibit Trail, although we didn't really stay on the trail.  We climbed up where we could.  We went up a small area first.  But then … Continue reading Review of Badlands National Park

Stones River National Battlefield

by Character Queen We went to Stones River National Battlefield with the Hilarious Pokemon Fans (my cousin and her family).  It was awesome!  There was a band with old-timey instruments,  playing old-timey songs.  Then we went in the visitors center and got Junior Ranger books and did all we could do in the visitors center.  … Continue reading Stones River National Battlefield

The Interesting Adventure In Chickamauga National Military Park

by Character Queen A few weeks ago we went to Chickamauga National Military Park, with our friends Ballerina and Mr. Adventure.  When we were almost there, Mr. Adventure said he was bleeding and asked for tissues.  Luckily we had some and he used the whole box!  When we got there we found out that Mr. Adventure … Continue reading The Interesting Adventure In Chickamauga National Military Park