The Exploration at Granite Dells

by Mr. Bang I love Granite Dells!  It is in Arizona.  It's close to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where my dad went to college.  He used to hike at Granite Dells a lot.  I hiked on one tiny little section.  It was going up to an area where you repel down the mountain.  We saw some … Continue reading The Exploration at Granite Dells

The Cute Little Doggie-Woggies

by Mr. Bang [Mr. Bang has been learning about the elements of a story: plot, setting, character, and conflict.  The past few days we've been focusing on character, and today his assignment was to write a short story using two characters he had brainstormed about last week.  He chose to create a story about two … Continue reading The Cute Little Doggie-Woggies