by Mr. Bang, age 10
Chattanooga, TN

The Eagle

The eagle soars over the misty plain

He sees a mouse dart under a hedge

He turns

And sees a deer grazing in a patch of dandelions

A wolf comes out of a patch of trees

His pack following

The deer darts away

And the eagle dives for the mouse



by Mr. Bang, age 10
Murfreesboro, TN

The Last Days

With the dew dropping

On the RV

With the cool morning air

On my face

Out in Yellowstone or some other park

I love roadschooling

But these roadschooling days are coming to an end

After all, everything must stop in time

Goodbye, RV

Goodbye, truck



by Mr. Bang, age 9
Moab, UT

The Water

The water flows

Down, down

Fish leap up

But it keeps on going

Down a waterfall

Through an underground stream

Going, going

Like its life depends on it

Never faltering

Dams break

As the water surges




by Mr. Bang, age 9
Moab, UT

In the West

In the west

The sun scorches

Down on the earth

Lizards hide under rocks

A kangaroo rat nestles deeper underground

Snakes hiss in their dens

The sun goes down

The evening is cool

And the animals come out

A coyote howls

A snake catches a mouse

And then the sun comes back


It comes into the sky

And everything goes back underground



by Mr. Bang, age 9

Island Park, ID (inspired by Yellowstone wildlife)

Through the Day

The sun glistens on the morning dew

Where the elk graze in a gentle breeze

An eagle soars by, looking for a fish in the pond

A moose goes down to the water to drink

But is scared off by a wolf pack coming

Running, running

They come down the hills, over the meadows

Chasing the bison

A grizzly looks out when the wolves kill

He comes up, shoos them away

And starts to eat

The sun goes down

And the wolves howl at the moon

Then all is still and quiet

Except for a gentle breeze

Rustling the leaves


by Character Queen, age 11

Rapid City, SD


The Horse

(Dedicated to my favorite horse, Pepsi.)

The horse gallops over a field,

 Over a hill 

So majestic , so graceful

A beautiful bay

Sweet as honey

The light brown gelding



by Mr. Bang, age 8

West Yellowstone, MT

May 21, 2017

Difference Between Buffalo and Bison

Bison only live in America

Buffalo live in Africa and Asia

Bison have a big hump on their backs

Buffalo do not have a big hump

Bison have horns around two feet wide

Buffalo have horns up to six feet wide

Bison span from head to rump 12.5 feet

Buffalo span from 9 to 11 feet

Bison have a beard

Buffalo do not

Bison can charge you really fast

You have to be 25 yards away

That is the park rules



by Character Queen, age 10

West Yellowstone, MT

May 13, 2017


Dogs are cute and fussy

Not the least bit wussy

Cuter than mice

They’re rather nice

I wish I had one of my owny


by Mr. Bang, age 8

Medina Lake, TX

March 10, 2017


They fly and fly

Around and around

In the early morn

And chirp

Ever so sweetly

They fly and fly

Until they find a place

On which to rest

It may be a tree

It may be their nest

It may be just a pile of logs

Or the ground


So sweet, so lovely, so graceful

A flock of birds

Soars and soars

It looks like a mass of buffalo

There are so many in a herd of birds


by Character Queen, age 9

Medina Lake, TX

March 9, 2017

The Tree

The tree stands, still and somber

It waves to passersby

The tree


by Mr. Bang, age 8
Medina Lake, TX

March 2, 2017


I sit here in the early morn

Seeing deer rush by my window

So graceful, so peaceful

Like they have no predators after them

They go in big flocks

They run across like eagles

They eat from your hand

Deer are not at all afraid of you

They run in big crowds like buffalo




by Mr. Bang, age 8

Lake Tawakina, TX

Feb. 2, 2017

When the summer heat ends,

The trees shed their garments

And now there are just branches, branches

The lake, its dead trees are nice

for birds to land on

They don’t shed leaves

Who tells the trees to turn their leaves

Bright red, orange, green

And then brown when winter comes

And when the cranes eat from the water in the lake

There’s something I admire about them

So graceful, so still


by Character Queen, age 9

Lake Tawakina, TX

Jan.31, 2017

The Ducks

The ducks swim in circles

In ovals, and all around

Funny little ducks.


by Character Queen, age 9

Lake Tawakina, TX

Jan. 30, 2017

The Crane

The crane flies

Flapping, always flapping, away and then back again

In great circles

Until it rests on a nearby tree

Flying, always flying.


The crane

The Alligator

The alligator waits by the stream

For an animal to come

And then he strikes.

The Chickadee

The Chickadee sings in the early morn

Singing a song loved by all

The Chickadee sings in the early morn

A song that makes us leap with joy

The Shadow of the Tree

The Shadow of the Tree

Sometimes long, sometimes short

The tree never moves

Though the shadow is always changing.


The shadow of the tree

The Squirrel

The squirrel scuddles up, up the tree

For nuts, for berries

And then back down again

Busy, always busy, little squirrel.



by Character Queen, age 9

Lake Tawakina, TX

Jan. 29, 2017

The Sunrise

The sunrise turns the trees all red

And the horizon sheds rainbow light,

And in my bed I watch it all

Too bad Mr. Bang has to miss it.


The bent tree


the small stream

The Bent Tree

The bent tree stands in the early light,

Waving its arms in the wind,

Pointing, always pointing, to the little stream.

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