by Mr. Bang I got an AT-ST Lego set for Christmas.  It was from my grandparents.  It is really cool. It took a few hours to build.  I did it by myself, and it was pretty easy.  I did it in a couple days.   There were 449 pieces.  It includes Baze Malbus, a rebel trooper, … Continue reading AT-ST


by Character Queen We went to COSI, which is an awesome science museum in Columbus, Ohio.  It is amazing!  On the bottom floor, there is a pendulum that swings from the ceiling.  It knocks over two balls about every eight minutes.  It dose this because the earth rotates.  There is a new dinosaur exhibit.  We … Continue reading COSI

Ice Skating

by Character Queen Last night we went ice skating!  It was a blast!  We have been ice skating once before so we were pretty good.  There were big snowflakes projected from the ceiling.  I finally mastered crossovers, which are crossing your legs while skating; it is actually hard.  Mr. Bang and I skated together some. … Continue reading Ice Skating