About Us

The last time our family had a blog, it was *my* blog.  I did all the writing, picture taking, decision-making.  Now we’re a few years down the road and starting a new family blog with a new purpose – and this one is not *my* blog.  This blog is now a perfect real-world opportunity for my kids to practice their writing, typing, and copy-editing skills.  In fact, by the time I am writing this, both kids have already written their first blog posts.

So what IS the purpose of this new blog, you ask?  This blog is an easy way for us to share our experiences as we roadschool!  We sold our house and are traveling around the U.S., walking the paths of American history as we learn about others who have walked those same paths.

Who’s who?

Mr. Bang (MB) – Our youngest family member, Mr. Bang is an eight-year old boy who loves to play Chess and other strategic games.  His name actually came when I started the first blog when he was about two and regularly banged on things in the house.  He decided to keep that name for this blog.

Character Queen (CQ) – Our ten-year-girl chose this name because she truly loves to become various characters – typically people from history.  One of her first words was “Giant,” telling me that she was Goliath from the biblical narrative of David and Goliath.  On the day I’m writing this, she’s a character from a WWII story that she loves.  Sometimes her character impersonations last a few days, some last much longer (the record at this point is a three-year fascination with the Marquis de Lafayette).

The Brain (TB) – I chose this name for my husband on the last blog, simply because he is our continuous source of both facts and problem-solving ideas.  He is the source of much knowledge in our home!

Me – I’m just me.  I don’t have a nickname.  I’m a homeschooling momma (who used to be anti-homeschooling when I was a public school teacher!) desperately in need of God’s grace and mercy in my life!  I also love scrapbooking, but seem to live life faster than I can record it!


Why are you roadschooling?

This quote explains it so well:

The subjects that teachers struggle hardest to make interesting to students in a classroom–literature, geography and history–come screaming to life when they’re learned on site, in the real world. Ancient Roman history might seem far removed from the real world to a kid in a classroom in Idaho. Give that same child an afternoon to play gladiators in the colosseum at El Jem, in Tunisia, and the tables will have been turned forever.

I found The Diary of Anne Frank a hard slog when I was in fourth grade. My kids were riveted, because they were going to visit her house, we read it in Amsterdam, and they could imagine her, just like them, playing in the streets… and then being imprisoned in that dark, depressing apartment, hiding in tiny spaces, fearing for her life. It’s hard for a kid stuck in a classroom to imagine the rest of the world. All they have to go on is their own experience, and they’re often not able to think abstractly about the world yet. It is for this reason that we chose to road school our children, to take them out of their comfort zone and to introduce them to the world, one culture at a time, one history lesson at a time.

-Jennifer Miller


Where will you go?

Check out our Travel Map to see our general plans!  Nothing is set in stone, but that shows our basic plan of where and when we’re traveling.

What kind of RV are you living in?

Our first plan was to rent houses through sites like AirB&B along the way.   That turned out to be much more challenging than we expected, so we decided to move into an RV, despite having never stayed in an RV a single night in our lives!  Here’s the blog post where we changed our mind and bought an RV.  We bought a Spree Connect C322IKS, which is a travel trailer with a separate bunk room for the kids and a kitchen island.  We stayed in that one for five months before deciding to move up to a fifth wheel, which had insulation (January in Houston, of all places, got very cold in that travel trailer!) and more space.  We’re currently living in a Keystone Avalanche 361TG.

How do you earn an income on the road?

For a few years before we decided to hit the road, The Brain was already working remotely – meaning that he could work anywhere with internet connection.  We already traveled fairly frequently, and wherever we went, The Brain did his software development work and the other three of us continued with school work.  We just decided to go full-time with it!


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  1. Great to see y’all today! I don’t follow other blogs, so may not be doing this right. Let me know if need to do differently.


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