Hunter Museum of American Art

by Mr. Bang

I like the Hunter Museum, especially the mirrors.  The mirrors were all facing one direction and kind of tilted so that someone’s face could be in all of them at once and you could still see it.  The artist’s name is James Seawright, and there are 121 different little mirrors.  I liked to wave at the mirrors, although Character Queen kept messing it up.  I could have spent at least three hours at the mirrors, although I wish there was a mirror maze.


A little bit before the mirrors, we came across an entire display made only out of few items – cardboard, wood, a bit of plastic, and metal.  As you will see, it’s quite amazing.  It’s amazing how they got all the detail in the wood. This is a model of the art museum and a little bit of the surrounding area.  What stood out to me was the amount of cardboard they were able to use.


I really like the Hunter Museum and hope to come back to it sometime, in warmer weather.  If we come back in warmer weather, then I can actually look at the outside sculptures.


3 thoughts on “Hunter Museum of American Art

  1. We enjoyed the Hunter Museum too! When we visited 2 years ago, they had a really neat exhibit on an artist named Wayne White.

    We didn’t get to see any of the outdoor areas either. It was very rainy on the day we went!

    Does your magnet sentence say something about a boy eating music? That’s really silly!! 🙂


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