Bay Landing RV Campground

by Character Queen

We are staying at Bay Landing RV Campground.  We are here with some friends of ours, Dragontooth and Bluestripe.  It has an awesome play set, which is really small, but the equipment is great.  There is a merry-go-round, swings, a jungle gym, and some other stuff.  We like playing a game based on a book series called Warriors.  I spend most of my time on the merry-go-round (or the warriors’ den, in the game) with Dragontooth and Bluestripe, and the rest of the time on the jungle gym (Highrock) watching everyone else.  (Everyone else is Mr. Bang as Camofur, Dragontooth, and Bluestripe.)  I am Katestar, the leader of WindClan.  

In the park there is a rec. center, and some good loops for biking.  I haven’t done much biking here yet, but in the last site we were parked in, still in this park, there was a loop I used some.  We are near the pool, volleyball court, horseshoes, and mini golf.  We are also parked next to the lake; sadly, it is really cold, so we can’t go swimming.  Overall I like the park.

2 thoughts on “Bay Landing RV Campground

  1. You always have a story to act out !
    I particularly like the stage coach on the playground – with the horses in front. I have never seen one of those before.


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