Review: “World of Cubes”

I play a game. It’s called “World of Cubes.” It’s kind of like Minecraft, except without all of the Creepers, Zombies, and Pigmen. I haven’t tried making an iron golem yet.

You can either choose a Creative World or a Survival World, and you decide what you name it. For Creative, you can also decide if you have a flat landscape. Creative, you have everything. Creative means you can fly and you have all the blocks. It also means you have a really small world and cannot die. Survival means that you have some hearts, food bars, and you don’t have any materials to start with. It takes two iron bars to make shears. With shears, you shear sheep.

I prefer Survival personally because there’s so much more you can do. In Creative, you don’t have pick-axes, or any animals whatsoever.

I am usually mining or farming. When you harvest, you sometimes get seeds and you always get wheat. Three pieces of wheat and you get bread, and you can eat bread, so it’s very nice.

In mining in this game, it’s easy to find a cave because they’re very plentiful. You only have to walk in one direction for awhile before you see one. When you’re mining, you usually come across coal and iron. If you mine far enough down, you may discover bedrock. It’s black, you cannot mine through it. It’s impossible. And that’s good. Because if you could, you would fall down forever. If you come across a cave, first make a pick ax and after mining a little, a furnace. Furnaces are made out of cobblestone. It takes eight blocks of cobblestone to make a furnace. The reason you want to make a furnace is that the only way to make iron bars is to melt it. The only way you can mine gold is by using iron bars. Also the only way you can mine diamond, which is a very, very important substance, is with an iron pick-ax. The reason why diamond is so important – a full diamond amount of armor will protect you completely from falls.

How you get food is by killing animals or making bread. Eggs cannot be used for food. Eggs just explode like fireworks, sadly.

There are dogs, which I like. I’m trying to get a dog right now for a pet. There are no wolves, sadly. But here’s a good thing. Nothing outside of falls can hurt you. Cows are usually killed with two hits of a stone sword. Chickens and turkeys are killed with one hit. Dogs have a way of getting out of your traps.

Wood is very important. If you don’t have wood, you can’t mine stone. If you don’t have wood, you can’t do anything. You find trees and hit the wood until it breaks.

My opinion is that if you know about Minecraft and the only thing you don’t like is mobs, then it will be great for you – it’s like Minecraft without mobs.

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