Up and Away Rally

by Character Queen

Recently we went to Up and Away, a week-long FTF (Fulltime Families) rally during the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico.  There were 48 families at the rally.  We had  a fenced in part of the RV park where the kids could run around, by the cemetery.  It was really cramped, but it was still great.  We didn’t have to do school.

The first few mornings, I woke up and went out to watch the balloons take off and fly over us.  After the balloons landed, we played; most days the boys had a giant nerf gun war. 

If you drew a picture of a hot air balloon, you got 5 rally cash.  Rally cash are tickets that you can get by helping pick up trash and things like that. Once I got 2 rally cash from my friend, Luna for existing.  At the end of the rally there is a raffle that you can put your tickets in for different prizes. Most kids put all of of theirs in for the Gizmo watch.  I won the 1000 piece puzzle. 

Two mornings in a row, we went to the balloon field at 5:30 in the morning.  It was fun.  There were a whole lot of people and a whole lot of balloons that all took off about the same time.  And there were some giant horses!  I think it was three percherons, a shire, and one other that I forgot the name of.

One night there was a dance party,  It was a lot of fun. They played two songs from my favorite movie, The Greatest Showman.  I requested both of them. 

One afternoon, there was a kid’s market place, where a lot of kids (us included) sold things.  We were selling water bottle handles that we had made.  It was a lot of fun. Toward the end of the sale, someone was giving out free hot chocolate, and two of our friends were selling giant homemade rice crispy treats.


the rice crispy treats.  (on the left)  

Some nights they set off fireworks from the balloon field.  They were fun, but they weren’t as good as DisneyWorld fireworks.


The rally was very hectic, but it was so much fun!

One thought on “Up and Away Rally

  1. It was like you were living in a town – places to buy things, places to sell things, friends to do things with – but – filled with hot air balloons! What a great place!


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