Balloon Fiesta – Special Shapes

Today was all about Special Shapes balloons at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  The local schools actually are cancelled today and tomorrow so families can go to the Fiesta, so it was even more crowded this morning than the rest of the week has been.  My hubby also took off work today, so our whole family went to the field together for the first time.

One thing I learned is that the majority of Special Shapes balloons are made in Brazil.  Fittingly, there was an enormous balloon of Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue!


Enjoying hot chocolate in the media tent.  My hubby arrived at 5am, hoping for a balloon ride, but was unsuccessful.


It was funny as I walked through the crowd, hearing how many people were exclaiming about this spider.



The pilot who let me ride with him the other day owns two shape balloons – this one and a high-top sneaker.




Van Gogh waking up



This is Jeff’s sneaker balloon.  They actually had it available for us to walk in!



Jeff’s friend is such a great teacher!  She taught us about different parts of the inside of a balloon like this.



the sole of the sneaker



the sneaker upright


There’s an expansive tent with a variety of activities to teach kids about hot air balloons, how they work, and how weather conditions affect them.



hanging out with some friends outside our RV


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3 thoughts on “Balloon Fiesta – Special Shapes

    • It’s been in the 40s every morning, I think. Definitely chilly! They’re forecasting a couple of inches of snow here on Monday – thankfully we’ll be gone by then!


  1. What an amazing event. I’m so glad you family is making all these memories! (And that they will be in a scrapbook one day.) Enjoy!


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