The Long Hike

by Character Queen

The other day we went on a hike with our friend, Star Wars Captain, and his mom.  It was supposed to be a few short hikes, so we didn’t take our lunch.  Big mistake. It was one long hike. 

It started with a fork where you could go to two different arches. We went to Sand Dune Arch. The arch was cool, but we spent a lot of time on the rocks.  There was a split in the rock in one place where we could fit in, and we had fun trying to get as far back as we could. 

Then we went back and followed the other path to Broken Arch. It isn’t really broken, but it kind of looks that way.  Some people told us to go though the arch to get the best pictures, so we went though. The path continued on the other side of the arch.  The view was amazing.  We found a ditch in the rock that we could climb in, and did; it was harder to get down than it was to get up. 


It was lunch time, and we hadn’t brought lunch, so I was hungry; therefore, I had a few snacks.  After hiking for a long time we came to the last arch, Tapestry Arch, and we went back to the parking lot.  Over all the hike lasted about 3 hours (when we thought it would be just half an hour)!  It was still really fun. 


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