Delicate Arch at Sunset

by Character Queen

We went to Delicate Arch to see the sunset on the arch.  The hike is strenuous, since you are climbing up rock for a lot of the hike.  Nevertheless the hike is amazing!  It starts with a fork where you can go see some petroglyphs, or go to the arch. We had already seen the petroglyphs, so we went to the arch.  The path starts as a winding dirt path that goes up and down.  After you go on that path for a while there is a “path” up steep rock.  It is pretty hard, but after that the path smoothes out for a while.  Then you go up a gentle slope that leads you to the arch.  The view is amazing, especially at sunset.  Going down is easier than going up.

I would recommend this hike for an early morning hike or at sunset, and if you are going at sunset, bring flashlights – it gets dark.

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