Goblin Valley State Park

by Character Queen

The other day we went to Goblin Valley State Park.  The part we went to is a valley with lots and lots of hoodoos.  Last time we went (about a year and a half ago), we just climbed on the hoodoos; this time we went on a hike.  We started off on a trail, but there weren’t any markers or cairns, so we accidentally went off the trail.  The “trail” we went on is pretty strenuous.  There were parts where you had to step up several feet, and the wind was blowing really hard, so the sand was flying everywhere!  I was wearing pants, so the sand didn’t affect my legs, but the others (who were wearing shorts) told me that I was lucky to be wearing pants, because the sand stung their legs. 

After the hike I was covered in sand!  Then we climbed on the hoodoos.  There are some hoodoos that look like things. We found one that looked like the sorting hat from Harry Potter, and one that looked like a character from a book.  I love climbing on the hoodoos! 

I highly recommend Goblin Valley State Park, for active people who love to climb.

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