DIY: Choker Necklaces

by Character Queen

This is a blog post on how to make choker necklaces.

This is the list of itms you need to make chokers:

  • ribbon or lace
  • velcro
  • a charm and/or decoration (optional)

I think you can find some or all of the listed materials at a craft store.  I got my things out of my sewing kit.  

First, you take your ribbon/lace and wrap it around your neck to a comfortable tightness. (Note: you don’t want to choke yourself, so don’t make it too tight.)  Next, cut the ribbon/lace and leave a little extra if you want. Then you put on the velcro. I put velcro on mine, but if you can figure out how, you can put magnets on your choker.  You put the velcro on by sewing it on. I have stick-on velcro, but that doesn’t work really well because  it doesn’t stay on and because I got sticky stuff on my needle, and it is hard to get off.  After that you put on the charm/decoration,  I sewed on a plastic butterfly, but I think you can use a charm the same way; this step is optional.

The last step is to try it on. If doesn’t fit, than you can adjust it. If it does fit, have fun!  You can experiment with different styles and things, if you want to. One of my friends made a choker with fabric, so have fun!

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