Fiery Furnace

by Mr. Bang

I went to Fiery Furnace.  It’s a tour through Fiery Furnace, which is an area of Arches National Park.  You cannot go on it without having a permit or being on a guided tour because it’s so easy to get lost.  The other reason why you shouldn’t go in is, it’s illegal.  You can get fined up to $500 and spend six months in jail.  Permit prices are $3 for kids and $6 for adults.  The ranger-guided tour is $8 for kids and $16 for adults.  The tour is about 2.5 hours.  It’s a very strenuous hike.  If you go on it, you need to make sure you take plenty of water to drink.


This is my second time doing it.  The blog post The Fiery Furnace tells about my first time.  Both times, I’ve had fun.  This time, I feel it’s not very scary, just it’s a lot of hard work. 

There are some pretty neat features, including the clock tower.  The clock tower always says 2:50. 


There’s an arch called surprise arch.  I won’t tell you the backstory.  You’ll have to do the tour if you want to learn it. 


Skull arch is cool.  There’s two eyes for a skull.  It’s really neat.


The rangers talk about biological soil crust. Biological soil crust binds the sand grains together and helps plants grow, but one shoe step destroys the crust, so please be careful where you step.  

I think that this is a good hike for anyone who likes going in tight spaces.  If you are claustrophobic, do not go on this tour.  There are very tight spaces.  Other than this, anyone who likes a strenuous tour would like this.



2 thoughts on “Fiery Furnace

  1. Wow! Just – WOW! It looks VERY challenging. I think this is part of Arches I would have to skip, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. There are other parts of Arches I would LOVE to do.


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