Review of GyPSy Guide

by Character Queen

GyPSy Guide is an app that gives information and stories in the major national parks.  As you go along a road in a national park, he (Gypsy Guide) will talk about the park and sometimes interrupt himself to tell you something like, “Up ahead on the right is Delicate Arch, you must stop here.”  It is a G.P.S. guided tour, so it knows where you are and can suggest hikes and pullouts where thee is a good view.  He also says how difficult the hike is and what is involved.  He gives information like safety tips and rules and information about the landscape.  

He also tells funny stories about a man who got stranded on the top of Balanced Rock, because he thought the  gray stuff looked like concrete.  

He also informed us (far the second time) about biological soil crust.  It is a crust that grows on the sand in Arches and enables plants to grow.  It is one of the reasons the NPS does not want you to go off the trails in Arches.


All the bumpy stuff is the crust

Over all I think Gypsy Guide is an awesome tour, and I would give it 5 stars out of 5.

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