Review of Ballard RV Park

by Mr. Bang

This campground is roughly half an hour from Arches National Park.  It is in Thompson, Utah.  So look at your digital maps and zoom in very much.  I’m sure you’ll see it eventually.

This campground has full hook-ups.  Full hook-ups is water, electricity, and sewer.

It’s a pretty small campground with no playground and it’s open and flat.  They have free washing machines.  I know you have one in your house probably, but this is a big thing for us, since we only have one small washer, and these are two free large ones, in really good condition.  There is no mini-golf.  There used to be ATV rides, but people kept tearing their vehicles up, so they had to stop.

I like to poke and throw tumbleweeds with a stick.  There are tumbleweeds rolling across the park sometimes.

There are life-size petroglyphs and pictographs three miles up the road.  As soon as you finish the three miles, you’ll see them.  You don’t even have to get out of the car.

We’re here with three other families.  There’s lots of space for us to run around and play together.



I like this park because it’s so nice for just running around and being playful.  I would recommend it to others.

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