Toca Life City

by Character Queen

Toca Life City is a really neat game. On home, there is a “city.” You can click on the apartment, theatre, hair salon, tailor shop, supermarket, food area, or the costume shop.


In the apartment there is small patio. Then there is a big living room area, with a foldout couch-bed, a real bed, and a TV with games. There is also a coffee table with pink lemonade on it, and some fruit, treats, and two remote controls that don’t work. Under the bed is book and toy storage, there is also clothes storage. Beside the living room is the kitchen. In the kitchen, there is a refrigerator, a table with two chairs, a stove, oven, sink, and storage. Then there is a bathroom. It is small; it has a washer/dryer (for clothes), a sink with a mirror, a toilet and a shower.

In the theater, there is a treat seller at the front. After that there are seats, a bench and tables with chairs for watching the “show.” You can change the scenery of the stage by tapping ropes. It changes to a forest, outer space, a town or a castle. There is a band stage right next to the stage. Next to the stage there is a costume area with different costumes you can dress people up in.

In the hair salon there is a wait room with a desk and couch. Then you get to the styling area, with chairs your character can sit in, and get there hair styled.  Then there is a room where they can get there hair dyed.

In the tailor shop there is a small room with a sewing machine and some clothing. Then there is a big room with lots of clothes, hats and sunglasses; there is also a changing room with a curtain.

In the supermarket, there is a grocery store, then there is a pet shop with different pets and stuff for them. After that there is a shelf with different house things. Then there is an area with electronic things and video games. There is a kids’ area after that with dolls and blocks and stuff like that.

At the food area, there is a sushi shop, a soup shop, a burger and fries shop, a pizza shop, a fish and chips shop, a candy shop and a noodle shop, all that you can get food from.

In the costume shop, there are a lot of costumes and coats.

Overall, I think Toca Life City is a really fun game.

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