Tips on Climbing Trees

by Character Queen

We are in a RV park with some great climbing trees, so I thought I might give some tips.  

  1. You want to start by climbing a tree with low branches.  As you get better at climbing, you can climb trees with higher branches, but it is easier with lower ones.
  2. DO NOT STEP ON DEAD BRANCHES!  They will break off and you will fall.
  3. Try to mainly use branches that are bigger than your arm, and if you use branches that are smaller than that, only put your foot next to the tree trunk. 
  4. If you are stuck, look for places where a thick branch splits and see if you can get your foot in the split.  Also, I have found that small knobs on the trunk where the small branches were broken off are useful to boost yourself up.  (Always test any branches you are supporting yourself with to make sure they are sturdy.)
  5. You will probably need to switch to a different side of the trunk to get a good hand and/or foot hold; remember to test the branches.
  6. Only climb sturdy thick trees, or it might not hold your weight.
  7. Lastly, DO NOT climb too high!  When you can easily shake the tree, STOP CLIMBING!  Also if you feel uncomfortable with height or something else, stop.  If the rules of wherever you are say no climbing, then don’t climb the trees!

To kids: PLEASE don’t climb without parental supervision (don’t climb without your parent watching you).  I know I  am being boring, but think about what would happen if you fell and no one was around.

I have a lot of fun climbing, and I hope you do, too!  (Remember, no falling out of trees, you aren’t a bird and can’t fly!)

4 thoughts on “Tips on Climbing Trees

  1. What great instructions! You should share them with your youngest cousin when she’s older – I bet she’s going to be a tree climber, too.


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