Review of Bill Frome County Park Campground

by Mr. Bang

We’re at Bill Frome County Park Campground. It’s a free boondocking campground. There are no hook-ups. There’s no water and no electricity. They do have pit toilets for people to use. I have not used them.

It’s a beautiful area. We’ve seen river otters down on the pier. It’s right on Henry’s Lake, and I’ve seen boats go out to fish.


It’s not crowded at all. While we’ve been here, there’ve been ten other RVs here. Total, there’s maybe thirty spots.

There are two good climbing trees that we know of, and I like to sit on a branch low down. My sister, Character Queen, can go really high up. My sister has a branch that she likes to perch on, although it’s about twenty feet from the ground – I’ve never made it up that high. These trees are next to our site.

Today it’s been windy  rainy and cold. Sometimes in the mornings and evenings, we go out to the pier and sit. In the evenings is when we see the otters.


It’s half an hour from the west entrance of Yellowstone. There’s nothing close to the campground because it’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere. We’ve been going to a campground not far away to do laundry, and then we go into the town of West Yellowstone to get something to eat. There’s a really good pancake place that serves breakfast and lunch. It has REALLY good French toast. There’s also a Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center where you get to see bears, and feed bears if you pay an extra $5. You also get to see gray wolves.

I really like this campground. I think anyone who likes peace and quiet would. Or anyone who likes to see wildlife would.

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