Museum of the Rockies

by Character Queen

We recently went to Museum of the Rockies. It is really neat. There is a room with a display of how different things work, like the rock cycle, with balls.



Then we went into the dinosaur area. I got kinda creeped out about two dinosaur skulls.  There is also a dinosaur rib-bone that  is taller than me!  Also, there is a  giant T-rex, and a giant Triceratops, that looks like a paint dinosaur, (A paint horse, a dark horse with big white patches, but a dinosaur).  There is also a display of Triceratops skulls as they grow up.

After that, there is a small Native American exhibit about how they lived and stuff like that.

Then we went into an area about electric guitars. There are different interactive musical things about sound and vibrations, stuff like that.  On the walls there are pictures of famous musicians, and guitars in glass cases.  In the first guitar room there is an electric guitar that you can play! I spent a lot of time at that. There is also an 8-necked guitar that really plays!  (But you don’t get to play it.)   In the second guitar room there is a giant guitar maybe 20 ft long.


the 8 necked guitar



the giant guitar

Over all I would give the museum 10 out of 10 stars and good for all ages.  And we didn’t even see all of it!

4 thoughts on “Museum of the Rockies

  1. I bet your Papa would have enjoyed those guitars.
    I can remember “our little boy” (your dad) being fascinated with everything related to dinosaurs.


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