Horse Riding Trail

by Character Queen

We just came back from a 2 hour horse trail ride.  They have things for all ages; we went on a 1 hour trail ride the other day.  I love horses, so this was an awesome opportunity.  When we got there we paid and waited for the trail ride to start.  Then they taught us to ride the horse.  Then they assigned us our horses.  I had a paint horse, (a dark horse with big white patches) who has a blaze (a big white stripe on the face).  Her name is Sweetie.  After we mounted we rode out on the trail; it is up and down.  There are parts of the path that are gravel roads, and parts that are skinny dirt trails. The scenery is amazing!

The horses are so used to the trail that you can put the reins on the horn of the saddle and get water or whatever and the horse just keeps going! It is really hot today, even though we are in Montana! I would suggest not going in summer.  Sure it is summer, but seriously we are in Montana, it is supposed to be snowing!  Anyway this was AWESOME!

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