The Stream and Swimming Hole

by Character Queen

Yesterday, we went to a stream in the RV park with Pokemon Master 168 and her sister, The Mermaid. It was a lot of fun!  The stream is shallow and gets its water from the swimming hole.  There are water bugs and crawfish in the stream and we had fun trying to catch the water bugs.  We never caught any but it was fun!  I had a lot of fun getting a piece of kelp and testing how fast the current was.  It was really fast! I liked walking with the water, then turning around and going against it.

The swimming hole is a small lake with a floating platform in the middle.  The swimming hole is shallow at first, and rocky, but then it gets deep.  There is kelp at the bottom, which is fun to look at with goggles.  The water is freezing right now!  Even so, it is fun to swim to the floating platform and climb on and then jump off and swim.  When we went back to the swimming hole, after the stream, my towel was gone.  We deduced that someone thought it was theirs and took it by mistake.  After that I went over with Pokemon Master 168 and The Mermaid, who had lost her shoe in the mud.  Pokemon Master 168 was able to find it.


Us in the swimming hole


getting on the floating platform


Going home I had to borrow Mr. Bang’s towel.  Overall, I love the stream and the swimming hole!


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