Review of Rocky Point Trail

by Mr. Bang

I went to Rocky Point Trail.  That is in Glacier National Park, which is in Montana.  The trail was moderate.  It was pretty steep in some areas, then it leveled out, and got steep again, roll-y, although I didn’t see a single roly-poly.  It was pretty smooth.  People clearly went on it often.


It had a lake near it. It’s a long trail if you go all the way down it.  It extends twenty miles, but the path we went on is only marked as 1.9 miles.

We could see beautiful lake views.  It’s called Lake McDonald.  That lake was actually carved out by glaciers.  I could see glaciers on some of the mountains.


We saw trees, trees, trees.  We saw an area that had been burned in a forest fire in 2003.  It looked like it had been burned in a controlled fire. The controlled fire was to protect the campground.  It was pretty much back to full growth.  I bet there’s some things that haven’t grown back, but wow, there were a lot of young saplings growing.


We did not see wildlife other than squirrels, but we heard birds.  We did not see any bears.  We talked most of the time while we were there so that the bears would be able to hear us and leave, and we stayed together.  Always get bear spray in that area.  No matter if you want to or not, it’s wise.  Do you want to come across a grizzly in the woods and die?  If you want to come across a grizzly and die, I don’t know what to say to you.  Except, get some bear spray.

We found a trail down to the lake and splashed in the water a little bit.  It had rocks and it was nice and cold. My sister made up a game of hopping from rock to rock and trying not to touch water.  My dad liked to skip some rocks.


We hiked about two miles, and got worn out.  Well, at least I got worn out.

I thought that this was a very pretty hike.



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