Review of Neshonoc Lakeside Camp – Resort

by Character Queen and Pokémon Master 168 ( not on )

(My friend is helping me write this)  


Neshonoc Lakeside Camp – Resort  has a great playset/playground.   They also have another playset, but I haven’t been to that one.  You can’t see it in the picture, but there is a sand box with a bench near it under a tree.  Also not in the picture is a small “house”  for little kids.  As you can see, the playset is made out of wood.  The bars on the playset turn,  so you would need to be careful on them.  My favorite part are the swings.  They squeak, but they are safe and a lot of fun.

The volleyball court is fun; it is big and sandy.  Mr Bang loves to dig in it.  It is right next to the playset, and the basketball court.  The basketball court is big and cemented.  There are two baskets, one on either side of the court.


the view of the playset and the volleyball court from the basketball court


the basketball court

They have 2 swimming pool areas; I have only been to one.  The one I went to has 2 pools:  a 1 foot little kid pool with a fountain, and a deeper pool that is 3-5 ft.  There are lawn chars beside the pool.


the little kid pool – the thing in the middle is the fountain, but it isn’t on


the big pool

The sites are big and there are lots of trees and grass.  I have a lot of fun riding my Y flicker on the roads (which as you see are paved).  I love this park!  It is so much fun!

(P.S. Pokémon Master 168 took the pictures.)

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