Best Rally Ever

[Editor’s Note: Mr. Bang wrote this over a month ago…we’re finally getting it posted online!]

by Mr. Bang

We went to a rally last week in Branson, Missouri at America’s Best Campground.  (That’s actually its name; it is not the best I’ve been to.)  The name of this rally was Showbiz Rally.  It was only for Fulltime Families, which is an organization for families who travel full-time in RVs.  Not every RVer is one, though.  There were about fifty families there.  We already knew a few of these families before.


The rally itself was Thursday through Sunday, although there were activities before then.  The pre-rally had a hike and a trip to Fritz’s Adventure.  During the pre-rally, you could basically do whatever you wanted because there was nothing really scheduled other than those two things.  There was a campfire on Monday night.  I spent a lot of time playing with my friends and making new ones.




Thursday morning, my sister and I were dropped off at the water tower.  We played link tag.  That’s a game where it starts with one person being It, and then that one person runs around and if they tag someone, they have to hold hands and run around together.  If it gets to be a big chain, then you can split as long as there are two people in a group.

Then we went over to the playset where we threw some mini beach balls back and forth.  Next we carried a little ping-pong ball with either a plastic spoon or a paper plate.  It was awesome!  You had to get it to the other side without dropping it and get it to someone there with either a plate or spoon, still without dropping it.  The third thing we did was, we split into two teams and we had two sponges each team.  We had to go up to a cup, squeeze water out, and go back.


There was also a session on stage and acting, where some local actors came.


We did an art and science session.  In the art part, we painted with bolts and paint.  In the science part, we did some milk and soap and food color experiment.


There were other sessions that I didn’t go to, such as Irish dance class.


When I wasn’t in sessions, I was either napping, being relaxed at home, or playing with my friends.

This was the best rally I’ve been to yet.  It was very interactive and I felt like I got a lot of social time in.  I felt like it was really, really easy to make friends and play.  I’d recommend joining Fulltime Families if you haven’t already – just click on the link and join.  I also recommend the rallies – they’re really fun!

3 thoughts on “Best Rally Ever

  1. Wow! You sure packed in a LOT of activities in just a few days! It sounds like a great time with enough choices that everybody could find something they like.


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