Fort Washita

by Character Queen

We went to an old US fort used to help protect the Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians from the Plains Indians.  The Chickasaws and Choctaws had been driven out of their own land and settled in the territory of the Plains Indians, who fought back really fiercely, so the US came in to stop the fighting.

There are multiple ruins and also there are buildings that are still standing.  The Visitors Center is in one of the buildings that is still standing.  In it there is a very small museum with some artifacts and recreations.  There is also a small shop and there are free comic books. 

Three cats live in Fort Washita. We were introduced to  Miss Kitty, the other two we named Shadow, and Graypaw. 

We visited a cabin first. It was used by D.H. Cooper, a Chickasaw and Choctaw agent.  The next place we visited was the Adjutant’s Office and School; it was a ruin so we do not know what it looked like inside. 


The Bohanan Cabin was probably my favorite – you could go inside, and there was an attic that you could go in!  The ceiling was very low, though. 

After that we visited the Officer’s Quarters. The only thing standing was the fireplace and chimney.  The officers and those with families got their own private quarters. 

The Laundress’ Quarters were next. The women did the laundry. It would have been neat to see inside, but there is only the foundation. 

The West Barracks were cool. It is a building with ivy growing all over it and you can go inside!  You could not go in the South Barracks but we looked in and saw a tree growing in the fireplace!  Mr. Bang found a cool fossil but we can’t tell what it is.

There is a cobbled road going through the fort.  There is a cemetery there with about 20 grave sites.  There are two hospitals, one old and one “new.”  There is also a guard house, storage space, blacksmith shop, and other things. 


I think this is an amazing place.  (By the way, go during the spring time because there are lots of beautiful flowers.)

20180427_151713 2.jpg

2 thoughts on “Fort Washita

  1. Ooooooo…..the flowers ARE beautiful!

    The ruins of the building look really interesting. I have met some of the Choctaws from Oklahoma at the American Indian Museum in D.C. They were there doing demonstrations of Choctaw dances and other things. You could buy authentic Choctaw food to try, too.
    Do you remember that I grew up knowing some of the Choctaw indians in Mississippi? They lived on my grandparents farm outside Philadelphia, Mississippi, and they helped my grandfather work his land. I liked the Choctaws. My favorite was a Choctaw woman named Nene. I would visit her at their little cabin. She made necklaces out of beads for me. Do you remember that I let you try on a real Choctaw dress that she made? Your brother tried on some of the necklaces, too.


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