Southwest Dairy Museum

by Character Queen

We went to a dairy museum in Texas.  It is really cool!  When we got in we were shown a movie about how cows made milk; there are 4 movies.  Then we followed the cow prints on the floor to glassed off spaces with mannequins and dairy equipment; the cases had signs explaining what the equipment is for.  There are also the kind of things where there are questions then you flip a flap to see the answer, which we like doing.  Then we did a screen with questions and you answer A,B,C,or D.  Then then we had fun with a table that had stamps.  There is a machine we played with  where you stick your thumb in and and it feels like what the cow feels with the milking machine. We also had fun with a thing where you get to put the milking machine on a plastic cow.

After that mom got us ice-cream in the shop attached to the building.  The ice-cream was really good!  Overall we had a great day.

4 thoughts on “Southwest Dairy Museum

  1. Dairy farms are really interesting, aren’t they! I spent a few days on one when I was in college. I didn’t know so much was done by machines. I grew up watching my aunt milk the cows, and she even churned butter. I’m glad you guys to experience some of that.


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