How to Fly a Kite

by Character Queen

This blog post is about how to fly a kite.  Mr. Bang and I have kites – my kite is a biggish kite when it is open,  Mr. Bang’s kite is a regular kite when it is open.  Our kites are collapsible, all we have to do is take out the piece in the middle.  

Now you have to know how to get it in the air and keep it there.  You get it in the air by waiting for the right breeze and letting the kite go.  Then you slowly let out the line.  To keep the kite in the air, you tug on the line whenever the kite gets lower,  but if the wind stops just let it fall.

The right weather for flying kites is a steady wind;  you don’t want it too rough or too little.  Don’t drag your kite on the ground.  I tore up my first kite doing that.  Also don’t fly the kite near a tree, it might get caught.

My favorite thing to do with the kite is chase its shadow.  I have a lot of fun with my kite.



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