Review of Fripp Island House

by Character Queen

This house we are in is on Fripp Island.  We are renting this house with our friends Goldenflower and Mr Sports.  We are here because the RV park we were staying in is not built for big rigs like ours.  We couldn’t fit in our spot.

It is a two story house.  Goldenflower and I, and Mom and Dad, sleep on the  upper floor, where the  kitchen and 1 bathroom and the living room are.  There is also a porch and a sunroom.  Downstairs, the boys and Goldenflower’s mom and dad sleep.  There is also a bathroom and a little patio on the ground. 

On the bottom floor there is a pingpong table, shuffleboard and beach toys.  I love playing catch with the volleyballs.  There are also bikes but they don’t have air in the tires.  All over the house there are pretty chandeliers and lamps, most of the lamps don’t work, though.  There is a porch that connects my room and mom’s room. There are two golf carts.  The art is neat and there are a lot of shells all over the place, even a few palm trees have shells on them!

Out back there is a pier with crab traps.  We caught a crab but then we let it go.  There is a good sized yard with a lot of sand burrs. 

Fripp Island is really fun; there are beaches and everyone goes around in golf carts and bikes.  There are a lot of seashells.  But to be on the island you have to be a resident or a renter.  I really like this house.

4 thoughts on “Review of Fripp Island House

  1. The bird picture and the deer picture are amazing. It sounds like a really interesting place.
    I’m curious! What did you do with the RV?


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