Review of Magic Princess Salon

by Character Queen

There is a new game on my tablet called Magic Princess Salon.  On the main screen there are three princesses to choose from: Eva, Harmony, and Celine.  You tap on one to choose her.  When you tap on one, you start by giving her a spa treatment. 

The next step is to choose what hair she has and you choose what color eyes you want her to have.  Next you put on her eyeliner.  After that you choose her blush and eye shadow.  Then you put on her mascara color.  Next you put on lipstick.  After that you choose her jewelry.  Then you choose a tiara.

The next step is to choose a dress, shoes, a wand, a butterfly, and a horse.

Last of all you choose a scene; there are three.

I have fun playing Magic Princess Salon and the other games in the series.



2 thoughts on “Review of Magic Princess Salon

  1. This reminds me a little of an activity I enjoyed at school when I was young. One of my teachers had a fashion plate set, which we could play with during recess time on rainy days. We would pick out flat plastic pieces that had a head, top, bottom, and legs, and put them together in a little frame. The idea was that we were designing an outfit by picking out different pieces that went together. Then we would put paper over the frame and scribble with a crayon. The person we’d created (with the outfit we’d designed) showed up in the rubbing. It was so fun!


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