Review of Fripp Island House

by Character Queen This house we are in is on Fripp Island.  We are renting this house with our friends Goldenflower and Mr Sports.  We are here because the RV park we were staying in is not built for big rigs like ours.  We couldn't fit in our spot. It is a two story house.  … Continue reading Review of Fripp Island House

Revew of “Into the Wild”

by Character Queen Warrior: Into The Wild by Erin Hunter is a really good book.  It is in the series "Warriors The Prophecies Begin."  There are also Warriors: Dawn of the Clans, Warriors: A Vision of Shadows, Warriors: The New Prophecy, Warriors: Power of Three, and Warriors: Omen of the Stars.  This series is about wild cats who … Continue reading Revew of “Into the Wild”