In the Dirt

I have a dirt pit that supplies me with tons of dirt.  My dirt pile turns to sand as soon as the sun starts shining on it.  Well, not as soon, but leave it an hour out…sand.  And I have to redo it.  As soon as that time is up, I have to get more out.  It’s really sand with a lot of moisture, just I like to call it dirt.

If your skin is wet, you will get completely covered in sand.  Whatever part is wet, whether from sweat or something, it will get completely covered.  Or if you play in it for awhile, it will get stuck to you.

To get down deeper, you have to go through a hard outer shell.  The shell is a few inches thick.  It took Isaac a few minutes, it took me a few minutes.


I am digging and making forts and other such stuff.  I’ve spent a week on it so far, and at this point, I think I’m almost wanting to jump in.


The sand is brown when it is wet, and when it is dry, it can be pretty much any color.  Although I’ve never seen pink sand.  My experience is that sand is either white or the color sand is on a beach.




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