Disney’s Hollywood Studios

by Character Queen

Yesterday we went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  It was so much fun!  When we got there, we got “magic-ed,” which is when (for example) a staff member walks up to you and gives you a special treat like an extra fast pass to a ride.

At first, we saw a magician guy.  He did really cool card tricks and he picked people out of the crowd to pick a card for the trick.

After that, we caught a Star Wars show where Captain Plasma marched stormtroopers down to the stage and gave them orders and they did them. One of the orders was, “Show me fearless,” and they marched up directly to the crowd; I was on the screen then!


Then we went to a game area with Star Wars video games where you fight one other person.  Your character is shown on a screen in front of the other person. My favorite game was the one with Ahsoka and Rey.


Next, we went to Star Tours. Before we could “take off,” stormtroopers stopped us and looked for a rebel spy.  The droid scanned the window and held up a picture of of me!  So I am a rebel spy.

Then we went to the Indiana Jones show. Indiana Jones almost got crushed by a foam boulder.

Overall the day was awesome!



4 thoughts on “Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  1. I’m glad to hear that you’re a rebel spy. I was a little worried that you might join the dark side, since Vadar has such a cool cape and all…. 😉


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