Lost River Cave

by Character Queen

We went to Lost River Cave.  It was amazing!  You are allowed to take pictures inside the cave.  Our tour guide was funny,  but he was also amazingly good, even though he just started in March! 


The cave used to be a night club,  until the places that sold wine were losing business.  Some money exchanged hands and some people got together; the next day it was illegal to sell alcohol below street level.  (The cave is right below a street.)  Then it housed some mills, two flooded and one got burned.  The suspicion is that the miller’s wife burned it because she was found watching it burn, holding matches.  Then it was used for a dumpand finally they set up what they have now. 

There is a stream through the cave about 4 or 5 feet high.  Just before you get in there is a a pond kind of area with rainbow trout.  Our tour guide, Ryan, said the original name of the fish is Ryan’s Fish because he was the first one who found them. 

Inside the cave is amazing!  There is a part where the ceiling is really low, and we have to lean way in.  There is an area were there are rocks in the water and Ryan said something about singing “My Heart Will Go On” while navigating icebergs.  There is a dam back in the cave, so that the boats would be able to fit.  Before the dam was built there was only 1 foot of water in the stream.  They tried to do walking tours, but nobody wanted to walk through 1 foot of water, so they made the dam.  On the way out, Ryan showed us two bats, they look like fuzzy chicken nuggets.  They were so cute!

I highly recommend Lost River Cave.  It is amazing!

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