Ninjago Lego Presents

by Mr. Bang

I got a new birthday present.  It’s a Ninjago Lego set, Master Falls Building Kit.  It was from my mom and dad.


It looks like a bridge with water underneath, and a little pointed rock with a droplet of water on top, right below the middle.  There’s daggers in a lot of it, and there’s a cage  that sticks out on one end of it.  There are stands with scorpions behind the torches.  There’s Kai, Lord Garmadon, Sensei Wu, and a skeleton.


It took a few days to construct, and I let my sister build everything but the cage.


I took some pieces to Columbus and made different things out of them.  I do basically everything with my Legos, like build different things with the pieces, lock characters up in the cage, and play character games with them.

I really am glad that I got it for my birthday.  I love it!

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