Anthony-Thomas Chocolate Factory

by Character Queen

We went to Anthony-Thomas Chocolate Factory.  It was delicious!  We went on the tour.  It was amazing!  We got to see different candies in the process of being made and how different machines worked to make chocolate. 

They were making Snickers Easter Eggs. The tour guide said the series of machines was like a roller coaster! First the molds were coated in chocolate.  Then the molds flipped and the excess chocolate was dumped out.  After that the peanut mixture was added.  Next, the table vibrated to settle the candy.  Then peanut butter was poured into the egg. Then the eggs went to a different vibration table.  Then the chocolate bottom of the egg was added and the egg went into the cooling phase.  Then the molds got dumped and went through a metal detector.   They lined the eggs up and since they were making king-size packages, they put two eggs in one package. Then they boxed the packages.  At the boxing station, there were temporary workers and they were not packaging the eggs right.  So the eggs got pushed off the scale, which is to weigh the boxes in order for them to see if the packages were put in right.  Then they tape the boxes shut.  

As we passed by at the end of our tour, we saw a food scientist helping them organize things. 

At the end we got to have a buckeye in the store. Then we bought some candy to eat.  I think Anthony-Thomas Chocolate Factory is awesome!

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