by Character Queen

We went to COSI, which is an awesome science museum in Columbus, Ohio.  It is amazing!  On the bottom floor, there is a pendulum that swings from the ceiling.  It knocks over two balls about every eight minutes.  It dose this because the earth rotates.IMG_20171214_130603862.jpg  There is a new dinosaur exhibit.  We got to see a femur that belonged to a giant dinosaur.  It was taller than Uncle Mountain, who is my tallest uncle, at 6′ 6″!  There are bones and bone casts.  There is evidence some dinosaurs even had feathers!  

There is also an electricity area with different hands-on things about conserving energy.  There is a table also where you can block wind with toy trees.

There is a water area, that Mr. Bang tells about.

There is also a lunch place, with pizza and sandwiches.


There is also a theater and snacks like popcorn to eat during the movie. You have to pay extra money to use it.  

There is a motion simulator.  You have to pay extra money to use it.

On the second floor, there is a space area with different things you can do, and a planetarium.  You have to pay extra money to use it.  And my favorite is the highwire unicycle!  There is also a group lunchroom.


On the third floor, there is a little kids’ space for babies through first grade and a built-in area for their big siblings.IMG_20171214_141103080_HDR

We love the Progress exhibit.  At first, you walk through a town in 1898, then you go into the same town in 1962; it is amazing to see how things change over time!


There is also a Gadgets space with a cannon to shoot balls into a ball rollercoaster.

There is also a Life area where you can learn about the body and other things.

I love COSI. I think all ages will enjoy it.


near Christmas they light the steps leading up the COSI with presents



[Editor’s Note:  Most photos/videos were taken by Character Queen.]

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