Lost River Cave

by Character Queen We went to Lost River Cave.  It was amazing!  You are allowed to take pictures inside the cave.  Our tour guide was funny,  but he was also amazingly good, even though he just started in March!  The cave used to be a night club,  until the places that sold wine were losing … Continue reading Lost River Cave

Ninjago Lego Presents

by Mr. Bang I got a new birthday present.  It's a Ninjago Lego set, Master Falls Building Kit.  It was from my mom and dad. It looks like a bridge with water underneath, and a little pointed rock with a droplet of water on top, right below the middle.  There's daggers in a lot of … Continue reading Ninjago Lego Presents


by Character Queen We went to COSI, which is an awesome science museum in Columbus, Ohio.  It is amazing!  On the bottom floor, there is a pendulum that swings from the ceiling.  It knocks over two balls about every eight minutes.  It dose this because the earth rotates.  There is a new dinosaur exhibit.  We … Continue reading COSI