Ice Skating

by Character Queen

Last night we went ice skating!  It was a blast!  We have been ice skating once before so we were pretty good.  There were big snowflakes projected from the ceiling.  I finally mastered crossovers, which are crossing your legs while skating; it is actually hard.  Mr. Bang and I skated together some. A lot of people are really good.IMG_20171128_183814101IMG_20171128_183815051


Bang, and I skated some together.  A lot of the people there were really good. 

A worker there got out a machine now and then that sprayed water to fill in the holes in the ice.  The water froze instantly.  We stayed there a few hours.  Over all the ice skating was awesome!

4 thoughts on “Ice Skating

  1. I love ice skating! We just got our first ice skating rink here, but we haven’t had a chance to visit yet. It’ll only be open until early January, so I’m hoping we’ll have time to go. I’m glad you got to ice skate! 🙂

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