Comedy of Actors

by Mr. Bang

I loved the Playbooth Theater at Colonial Williamsburg.  You do not need tickets for it; you just show up when a show is going to happen and go in.  It’s outdoor and it’s shaded.  You are sitting down on long benches.

There were two actors in this show.  Last year we watched a Punch and Judy show.  This show was about two men that were both in love with the same woman but they didn’t know it.  They both thought that the other man was in love with the sister of that woman.  So they both came at once and had different gifts.  One of the men had flowers, the other had a diamond brooch.


One of the men came in and went to see her, and told one of his – they’re supposed to be hilarious but they’re actually not that funny – jokes, and they cracked up and she had to get air in her lungs.

Then the other man came in and he commented on the brooch and she said, “It’s been here for years.”  “Those look like new diamonds,” he said.  And she said, “No, I’ve had it for years.”  He gave her the flowers.

Then he went out and the first man came in, who had given her the brooch, and commented on the flowers.  He said, “Did I overlook those flowers?”  “Yes, you did,” is what she said.  “I’m sure they weren’t here before.”  “No, no, you must have just overlooked them.”

Then finally, both of the men were in there and got mad at the other man, and then both left.  And that was the story.

It was only two actors, and they kept running across the stage to play the different parts.  They did terrible voices for the girls because they’re both boys!  They put hats on and took them off; their costumes stayed the same as men’s costumes, but they put on bonnets and things – it was so hilarious!

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