Toca Life Farm


by Character Queen

Toca Life Farm is an awesome game!  On the big screen you can go to the farm, barn, house, costume shop, or grocery store.  In the farm you can plant and harvest.  To plant there is a tractor and an extension you can put on the back and put seed in the extension and drive the tractor over the field.  Then there is a sort of rake you can put on the end of the tractor and it covers the holes.  Then you water using a watering can or a sprinkler as you see here.  Then to harvest you put a basket kind of thing on the end of the tractor and drive it across the field.  


At the house you can collect eggs.  There is a house with a foldout couch.  In the house there is a kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a porch as you see here.  On the porch there are instruments you can play.  

In the barn, there are animals that you can feed.  There is a milk area and a utility shop.  

In the costume shop there are costumes that you can put on the people, like batman and a witch.


In the grocery store there is a machine for making food kinds of things, an outdoor market and then the store with seed and groceries, of course.  I think Toca Life Farm is amazing!

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