Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest

by Character Queen

We went to Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest.  The house is shaped like an octagon and most of the rooms and the outhouse are, too.  The slaves emptied the outhouses every day. He used a cabin on the property as a getaway from the British when they attacked Monticello.


the outhouse


the house


this, too


and this


this also


where they emptied the outhouse


The house has lots of bedrooms.  The beds in the big rooms are in the middle of the room so Jefferson could get out on either side.  The dining room, which is in the center of the house, has a really big table.  The house is still under renovation.  A family lived in it until 1980! 

We went there with another family.  They have two boys and two girls.  Only the boys were with us, though.  I mainly played with the oldest boy.

There is a museum part and there is a tour you can go on inside the house.  No pictures are allowed to be taken inside, so we have no pictures in the house.  I loved it! 

We kids spent a lot of time climbing and running down mounds on the sides.


us on a mound


us and the older boy on a mound

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