Stones River National Battlefield

by Character Queen

We went to Stones River National Battlefield with the Hilarious Pokemon Fans (my cousin and her family).  It was awesome!  There was a band with old-timey instruments,  playing old-timey songs. 

Then we went in the visitors center and got Junior Ranger books and did all we could do in the visitors center. 


After that we went on a trail, which was really cool!  Bam pretended to get shot by a metal soldier! 

Next we got lunch and played a little, then went back and finished our books.  Bam and I got a badge and a patch by doing 10 pages!


On our way out we saw a lady taking a picture of a stuffed bear in front of the visitors center. She had lost her son who fought in the army.  We got to take a picture with the bear and she gave us a coin she had made! 


Overall the visit was amazing!

8 thoughts on “Stones River National Battlefield

  1. That’s great that you four kids got to visit Stones River together! I enjoyed the music videos. The medal the woman made was beautiful. I noticed the music notes on it. Did she explain why it had music on it? Did she explain why she had the bear?


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