The Texas State Fair

by Character Queen

We went to the Texas State Fair!  It was awesome except for the fact that it was raining.  When we got there we walked around a little, then Mom got us tickets for food and games, 20 each, and had lunch.  During lunch I discovered something revolutionary!  I LIKE CHEESEBURGERS WITH LETTUCE! 


I had food in my mouth thats wiy my smile looks like that

Then we decided to walk around.  There were games and rides but they were expensive and we didn’t do them.  Then we walked around and found a show with dogs, cats, and birds that was called Pet Palooza.  It was awesome! They did all sorts of tricks and at the end we got to pet them!  We watched the show 2 times! 


this is Pet Palooza


this too


and this as well


this is a guy carving a pumpkin

Then we went to the children’s boardwalk, did some art, and watched a puppet show with a hilarious vulture that talked to the crowd.  At the end he joked, “This show was prerecorded.”  Next we went to Big Tex, which is the talking statue you see below, and got treats.  Then Dad joined us and we had dinner.  After that we saw an awesome parade and I got a pretzel and every one else got funnel cakes.

After that we did a game and got stuffed animals, and  went home.  Overall the fair was awesome!

2 thoughts on “The Texas State Fair

  1. The Texas State Fair is on my list of things I want to do! That’s great that you got to go!!! I didn’t know that they have a parade. It looks like fun.


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