Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest

by Character Queen We went to Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest.  The house is shaped like an octagon and most of the rooms and the outhouse are, too.  The slaves emptied the outhouses every day. He used a cabin on the property as a getaway from the British when they attacked Monticello.   The house has lots of bedrooms.  … Continue reading Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest

Me and My Cabin Friends

by Mr. Bang I went to a cabin with my friends.  It was really fun!  There's Spades, Good-Story-Teller, Mr. Athletic, and others.  We liked playing Sardines, Spies, Hide and Seek, Go Tag, Statues in the Garden, and Night Watchmen. There are five different families, including our family.  We get together every year, from as far … Continue reading Me and My Cabin Friends