Review of Doubletree Ranch Park

by Mr. Bang

We went to Doubletree Ranch Park and played in the splash pad there.  The splash pad is a blue foam and other colors that goes down a slope and there’s water fountains and geysers that go off at different times.  Oh, and if you keep one from going, another might go higher.  This is way bigger than any other splash pad I’ve ever been to.  It was really fun!  There was an area where you could make a dam.


I loved playing in the dam, or relaxing where there was tons of water.  There’s just an area where tons of water flows through – there isn’t a swimming pool anywhere in sight.  I also liked playing in a circle of fountains and fighting the water.  When I tried to fight it, I got water in my face.

I was with my youngest cousin and her family.  It was my first time going, but she’s been several times.

We were in a pavilion where you can eat and there’s a grill there.  We ate hamburgers and had s’mores afterwards.


That was my day.  I think it would be good for kids one to twelve.

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