A School Day

by Character Queen

In a school day we always start with Bible study, which is us reading a chapter of the Bible.  Our favorite works are History and Read Aloud because those are the works Mom reads to us.  We take a break the last ten minutes of every hour, which I usually spend reading Star Wars.  There is a chart with all our works for the week on it; we can choose what work to do and then color it.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 3.16.22 PM


We are studying the World Wars in history, and in math I am working on division.  In Reading, I am reading a biography of George Washington Carver, who was an African-American during a time when people with black skin were not treated fairly.  In Grammar, we are writing a story one sentence at a time and marking parts of speech and things like that.  In Handwriting, I am working on cursive. In Read Aloud,  we are reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, which is set in the Great Depression.  In Spelling, Mom reads the passage of the week. Next we read it together, then I color chunks, like vowel and consonant chunks.  Then I rewrite the passage.  


In Writing, we take a story and make an outline, then we rewrite the story in our own words.


In Science, we read about an experiment. Then we do the experiment, then we write an overview of the experiment.  In Lexia, we play reading games on the  computer.  And for Blog we write blog posts.  Overall I think school is cool!



4 thoughts on “A School Day

  1. That all sounds pretty cool! OH — wait! You forgot to say what you do for music class! 🙂
    I played an organ concert Tuesday. One of my friends remembered that you were here several years ago when I did a concert.


    • A lot of instruments are a little bit big for travel in an RV, so we do music class when we come to your house! We listen to music with history sometimes, and sometimes we listen to music like Mozart and Beethoven while we’re doing schoolwork. Today we were listening to Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith. -KM 🙂


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